Internet usage among children

Nowadays the Internet has an important role in society. However, it is seen that children are using the internet massively in every activity. It has positive and negative impacts, which will be discussed in detail in this essay. 

Internet helps the children and society in different ways. To begin with, education becomes an easy way in the form of online classes. For the last, some years schools are mostly using online platforms for education. Along with that, the internet helps the children to search for everything for their project preparation. To elaborate, the students can discover and learn ideas from youtube and search engines such as Google and Yahoo. As we know, during the Covid period, schools encouraged online classes and the government allowed internet facilities for students. It shows that e-learning is one of the prime modes of education in the present scenario. 

On the other side, students are influenced by the internet in misleading aspects. The misguiding messages are discovered from the searches and turn children into antisocial and immoral activities. The excessive use of electronic media caused health issues as well addicted to porn sites and online games, and it leads to suicidal tendencies. For example, a recent study among adolescents reveals that phone addiction cases are escalating and the cases were recommended for psychological support. Suicides due to the high usage of online gaming were reported in the newspapers last year.

In conclusion, the hike in internet usage among children has both advantages and disadvantages. It is a gigantic world of opportunities in the meaning of development, but at the same time, it has a worse effect inside it. 

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