Counselling Facility

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We will help you to solve your problem yourself. Before starting your session, you must get a video link for the video counselling session.

There are some instructions for you and I request you to read this and follow them,

1: Please ensure an adequate internet connection before starting the session as it is an online counselling.

2: You have to pay Rs.1000/- for the registration including a session 30 minutes in length.

3: Send the Screenshot or the online payment slip only to for a link.

4: You will get an online meeting link (probably a Google Meet link) for the online Counselling.

5: You have to connect to the link in the stipulated time.

6:  Depending on the case type, a follow-up plan will be prepared during the session.

7: The consultation charges will be charged for a session if follow-up sessions are needed.

8: Every session will expire after 30 minutes.

9: All the details you are giving during counselling will be confidential and will not be shared with anyone except for legal reasons.

 Thanking You