Organization Profile


EYEMATES is a bureau of professional social work established in 2020 and registered under the Ministry of Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME). The organization is dedicated to providing essential services to the community, leveraging technology to meet the needs of the common people. EYEMATES has successfully launched various initiatives including utility hub services and online counselling facilities.

Vision and Mission

VisionTo be a leading provider of social work services, enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities through innovative and compassionate solutions.

MissionTo deliver comprehensive support services that address the diverse needs of the community, ensuring accessibility, reliability, and excellence in all our

Services Offered

Consulting Services (for NGO’s)

·    Providing technical assistance to non-government organisations for their registration, documentation, proposal preparation, implementation, and legal liaison.

Counselling (Online) Services

·        Providing mental health support and counselling services through an online platform.

·       Addressing various issues including stress, anxiety, depression, and personal development.

Utility Hub Services

·        Assistance with online service requirements for the general public.

·       Facilitating access to essential services such as bill payments, application submissions, and other government and private sector utilities.

Capacity Building Services

·   Ready to conduct a single-day pilot programme before organising a 5-day Residential Workshop titled “Preparing for the Future: Enhancing Social, Emotional, Legal, and Professional Skills” for teenage students.

Key Departments

Social Support Department

·      Counselling Services: We are offering individual, group, and family counselling to address mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and personal development.

·        Recreational Activities: Organizing events and activities to promote social engagement and mental well-being.

·        Support Groups: Facilitating support groups for various populations, including youth, parents, and the elderly, to foster community and peer support.

Consulting Services Department

·        Registration Support: Assisting NGOs in the process of legal registration and compliance with government regulations.

·        Documentation Services: Helping NGOs prepare and manage necessary documentation for various operations.

·        Proposal Preparation: Guiding NGOs in writing and submitting proposals for funding and project approvals.

·        Implementation Support: Offering expertise in the effective implementation of NGO projects and programs.

·       Legal Liaisoning: Providing legal advice and liaisoning services to help NGOs navigate legal requirements and challenges.

Health Care Department         

·        Routine Medical Care: Providing regular check-ups, medical consultations, and treatment for common health issues.

·        Wellness Programs: Promoting holistic health through fitness programs, nutritional guidance, and preventive health care.

·       Home Care Visits: Offering home-based medical care and support for individuals with mobility issues or chronic illnesses.

Community Outreach Department

·       Health Promotion: Conducting health education workshops and seminars to raise awareness about healthy living practices.

·       Community Programs: Implementing initiatives that engage community members in activities promoting physical, mental, and social well-being.

·      Volunteer Engagement: Coordinating volunteer efforts to support community programs and services, fostering a culture of service and civic responsibility.

Key Achievements

·      Successfully established a robust utility hub service that caters to the online service needs of the community.

·      Launched an online counselling platform that provides accessible mental health support.

·       Recognized for our commitment to social welfare and innovative service delivery.

Future Plans

·   Organize a transformative 5-day Residential Workshop titled “Preparing for the Future: Enhancing Social, Emotional, Legal, and Professional Skills” for teenage students.

·      Expand our online counselling services to reach a broader audience.

·       Develop more community-based programs to enhance social support and engagement.

Dream Project

·     To address the growing needs of the elderly population in Kerala, we aim to establish a geriatric care centre that offers comprehensive healthcare and social support, including routine medical care, home care visits, social engagement activities, and community outreach programs.

Organizational Structure

Founder          :           Shiju John Chollampel

Email                :   

Phone              :           (+91) 90747 74237 

Contact Information

Address           :          Chollampel Bldg, Piusmount PO, Monippally Via, Kottayam, Kerala-686636, India

Website           :   

Email                :   

Phone              :           (+91) 0482 2 290347, (+91) 90747 74237


EYEMATES is committed to making a meaningful impact in the community through dedicated social work services. With a focus on innovation, compassion, and excellence, we strive to meet the evolving needs of the people we serve. We welcome partnerships and collaborations to further our mission and vision.