Programme Management


Eyemates is the consultant which provides the services through socio development consulting experts. This is a consultancy exclusively for the social developments.This is an autonomous agency work with many professionals and all are qualified, trained and dedicated to the society. We help you to strengthen your organization to maintaining the professional insights and improving the society needs. 

Programme Management

Socio Economic Survey

Proposal Preparation

Implementation and Monitoring 

service provides

  • Assistance for Socio-Economic Surveys
  • Assistance for Need Assessment Surveys
  • Assistance for Impact Assessment Studies
  • Participatory Research and Documentation
  • Assistance for Proposal Preparation
  • Facilitating Advocacy Events
  • Social Development Project Planning
  • Assistance for Implementation of Projects
  • Conducting Outsourced project Monitoring
  • Conducting Midterm and End term Review
  • Organizing Workshops and conferences