Practice Area

Eyemates is the consultant which provides the services through the socio-development consulting experts. The only objective is to strengthen the organizations and individuals to maintain their professional insights and improve society’s needs. We are a freelance social work consultancy. Social work is a profession concerned with helping individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. The updates are available on our YouTube channel and watch the video about us. Our practice areas are shown below. 

Organizational Enhancements

“Registration and Renewal”: It is the base level activity of starting an NGO and Social Development activities for the society. 

“Documentation and Auditing”: The documents decide the capacity of an organisation and the audit reports lead to future programmes.

“Human Resource Management”: When an office is run with the best Human Resources, then the activities are to be shown as professionalized. 


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Programme Managements

“Socio-Economic Survey”: It is the most important part of a project and the plan of the project is to be prepared as depends on the survey. 

“Proposal Preparation”: It is the basic plan of the project and the detailed proposal explains the action to be taken.

“Implementation and Monitoring”: This is the section of actualization of the programme and the monitoring is deciding the way of the project. 


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Psychosocial Improvements

“Trainings and Capacity Building Programmes”: These are the most important component of the organization and the new society.

“Counselling and Behavioural Modification”: The person’s behaviour and personality can be modified by counselling therapies.

“Linkages to Psychosocial Support”: The linkages are the networks to the other psychosocial services available outside the system. 


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