Psychosocial Improvements

Trainings and Capacity Building Programmes

Training is teaching or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge or fitness that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance. The Training Process comprises a series of steps that need to be followed systematically to have an efficient training programme. Someone fears for personality development and searches for personality development tips. The personality development training is improving presentation and communication skills. The course will help to groom the personality and deal with people effectively. Under Institutional Training, the training is provided in company classrooms or in educational institutions. Lectures, case studies, group discussions, and audio-visual aids are used to explain knowledge and skills to the trainees.

The terms ‘training’ and ‘capacity building’ are sometimes confused. Training is just one element of capacity building. Capacity building is the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to do their jobs competently. Community capacity building is a conceptual approach toward social and behavioural change and leads to infrastructure development.

Eyemates provides training programmes and other services for the betterment of society.

Counselling and Behavioural Modification

Counselling is the process of assisting and guiding clients, especially by a trained person on a professional basis, to resolve especially personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties. The counselling process is a planned, structured dialogue between a counsellor and a client. It is a cooperative process in which a trained professional helps a person called the client to identify sources of difficulties or concerns that he or she is experiencing.

Behaviour management is similar to behaviour modification. It is a less intensive version of behaviour therapy. In behaviour modification, the focus is on changing behaviour, while in behaviour management the focus is on maintaining order. Behaviour management skills are of particular importance to teachers in the educational system. Behaviour management includes all of the actions and conscious inactions to enhance the probability that people, individually and in groups, choose behaviours which are personally fulfilling, productive, and socially acceptable. Behavioural management is a method of behavioural modification which focuses on maintaining order. An effective behaviour management system has positive effects on teachers and students emotionally and academically; it aims to promote relationships and create high-quality learning. You can contact the eyemates for better references

Linkages to Psychosocial Improvements Support

The term psychosocial refers to the psychological and social factors that influence mental health. Social influences such as peer pressure, parental support, cultural and religious background, socioeconomic status, and interpersonal relationships all help to shape personality and influence psychological makeup. Psychological interventions have many different applications and the most common use is for the treatment of mental disorders, most commonly using psychotherapy. There are four basic needs: The need for Attachment; the need for Control/Orientation; the need for Pleasure/Avoidance of Pain; and the need for Self-Enhancement.

Referral and linkage systems are key components of improved service demand and accessibility. Effective referral systems combine high-quality communication and operations. We work with health centres, schools, and community-based organizations to develop and implement strategies to best connect young people in their community to needed health services.

We made linkages to;

v  The organizations that assist the differently abled children for their Education and social improvements. A special school is a school catering for students who have special educational needs due to learning difficulties, physical disabilities or behavioral problems.

v  The organizations which specialise in de-addiction and rehabilitation that help those who are addicted to drugs or substances. Psychosocial interventions can help drug users to identify their drug-related problems and make a commitment to change, help clients to follow the course of treatment and reinforce their achievements.

v  The Clinical Psychologists for the psychological assessments and tests. Psychological assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their behaviour, personality and capabilities.

Whatever is your concern; we can assist you to solve it and cop with the reality; we ensure better services through the best linkages.