Fund required for poor; priest from Kerala wants to serve at Srikakulam District in Andra Predesh, India.

Fr. Stephen Nadakuzhackal is a retired priest runs SNEHA SMILE SEVA SOCIETY at Srikakulam District, Andra Predesh, India. He is from the Nadakuzhackal family in Uzhavoor, Kerala, India. His missionary life started in 1959 and worked in East Africa, Tanzania, Kenia and Uganda. Now it is planned to serve for the poor with SNEHA SMILE SEVA SOCIETY.


SNEHA SMILE SEVA SOCIETY is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization, in Srikakulam District at Andra Predesh with Reg. No. 351 of 2019 dated on 24/08/2019 which is dedicated to render free Charity Service to the Marginalized Poorest of the Poor in the Remote Rural Villages.

Sneha Smile Seva Society Planned

In the context of the wide spread of Corona (COVID-19) Conquest and its consequent serious after effects, going to affect the entire world for quite a long time and to make the lives of people miserable all over. In the State of Andhra Pradesh the Total Toll is more than 3,35,000 Positive Cases, and 3,092 Deaths so far. In Srikakulam District alone, in Andhra Pradesh, 30 per cent of the population has been infected by the corona virus. The economy of most of the people depends on agriculture. The present situation blocks the people to do their daily activities and agricultural work. In these circumstances most of the families are suffering with the real problem of hunger and helplessness to solve their family basic needs. So it is important to help the society for satisfying their basic needs as well as preventing the pandemic.

Two Programmes planned by Sneha Smile

Food Supply Programme

The SNEHA SMILE SEVA SOCIETY is planning to supply the food for the poor in ten villages of SRIKAKULAM District in Andhra Pradesh through the Community Kitchen Programme. The Community Kitchen will be opened and operated from Talavaram village. The deserving Beneficiaries in the 9 surrounding villages are going to get the cooked food from the Community Kitchen by way of Packet Service. Thus a total number of 2750 starving stomachs in 10 villages will be fed on a daily basis, continuously for 40 days of Lean Season and Corona Invasion Period.

COVID-19 Prevention Programme

The government directed that the Persons above 65 years of age, persons with co morbidities, pregnant women are advised to stay at home, except for essential and health purposes. The generic preventive measures need to be observed by all at all times. Hence the SNEHA SMILE SEVA SOCIETY is planned to provide face mask and sanitizer to the beneficiary people in the villages. It is expected to reach the 2750 beneficiaries in the area. Two thermal scanners have to be purchased and to be used. It would help to find whether the beneficiary is having temperature or not, and make sure that the prevention of COVID-19 is effective.

The Services are pointing to the following aims and objectives;

  1. To supply meals for at least 2750 poor people in the targeted area
  2. To supply Mask for at least 2750 beneficiary people in the targeted area
  3. To supply Hand Sanitizer for 550 families of the Beneficiary area.
  4. To screen the body temperature for all common people in the targeted area.
  5. Help to eliminate poverty due to COVID-19 at least for a short period.
  6. Help to avoid starvation deaths due to the new corona virus disease.
  7. To screen the symptomatic people from the beneficiary area.
  8. To arrange the health care facility for the symptomatic people.
  9. To help the people to stay healthy at home.
  10. Help to improve the immunity of beneficiary people.
  11. Help to protect the beneficiary from spread of Covid-19.
  12. To improve the health concerns of the beneficiary group.
  13.  To provide awareness about the Corona Virus Disease
  14. To give emotional support to the beneficiary people.
  15. To provide counseling to the required people in the targeted area.
  16.   To understand about the social needs of the targeted village people.
  17. To assess the condition to improve the socioeconomic status of the beneficiary.
  18. To understand the status of poor scholastic condition due to COVID-19.
  19.  Help to protect the people who are affected by chronic communicable diseases.
  20. To help the local government to solve the crisis situation due to the pandemic.

The Expected Cost for the Programmes Shows below;

Sl. No


Amount (INR)









The Society will have a total of Rs. 2,25,000 as Local Contributions towards the Project Proposal.

For the rest of the total Project Expenditure, society depends on charity from benefactors, well wishers, interested donor agencies and any other sources available, for relief assistance fund-Support. A contribution of Rs. 19,00,000.00 (Nineteen Lakhs Indian Rupees Only) is what they are asking from whoever the Benefactors and Well Wishers coming forward. If not the full amount asked for, at least any a partial assistance will greatly be appreciated, to strengthen hands and SNEHA2020 SMILES to bring a stray of Smile and Sunshine on the lives of many. 

Shiju John Chollampel, Consultant, Eyemates – The Social Development Consultancy, Uzhavoor, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

This article is published by Eyemates, the Social Development Consultant, and offers several social work activitiesContact us for more details.

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