Be a part of EYEMATES; Seeking social work professionals and Service Agents as well as Service Beneficiaries

Be a part of EYEMATES in Social Developments

Dear All,

This is to inform you that EYEMATES, the social development consultancy, works for the betterment of the Non Government Organizations and other Charity Organizations. Any organization those want to get a supplement support in their social development activities can contact us for support.

EYEMATES is associating to both service beneficiary and service provider. Also the people other than a beneficiary or service provider can cooperate with our mission as a service agent.

If You are;

NGO/Social Development Organization;

We are providing many services for the registered organizations to empower their professional activities. The details are mentioned in our web site practice areas. We have prepared a survey form to understand about the necessary improvisation required for the registered society. The link to survey form is given below only for the organizations,

Click Here For Registration as Service Beneficiary…

Social work professional would like to be part of us;

We are expecting the services from the professional to serve the society and help to make the organizations to be improved. You can register your professional details with us and we will inform you if there are any opportunities to assist the development activity. The registration link is given below only for the professionals,

Click Here For Registration as Service Provider…

The people other than an NGO/Social Development Organization/ Social Work Professional can cooperate with us;

Any people can co-operate with us for selecting the service beneficiary and reach our services to them. You can collect the work from the NGO/Social Development Organizations and share us with link provided. The link for sharing a work is given below only for the Service Agents,

Click  Here to Share a Work as Service Agent…

If you want to know more about our practices, please visit

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This article is published by Eyemates, the Social Development Consultant, and offers several social work activitiesContact us for more details.

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